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as Acetyl Glutathione

(for better & superior absorption)

      - Antioxidant

      - Immune-Booster

      - Detoxifier

      - Skin Lightening

      - more...



CLINICAL NAME:   Glutathione

SYNONYM:           Reduced L- glutathione (note: there is no such thing as unreduced glutathione)

CHEMICAL NAME: Gamma-L-glutamyl – L – cysteninylglycine or   L-7-glutanyl – cysteinylglycine

DEFINITION:        L-Glutathione is biologically active sulfur amino acid  tripeptide compound
consisting of:

·        L-Cysteine
·        L-Glutamic acid
·        Glycine    
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Our Most Featured Product

Lucida-DS Glutathione Supplement (now as Acetyl Glutathione)

Lucida-DS is our Double-Strength Dietary Supplement of 500 mg Premium Reduced Acetyl Glutathione (as master antioxidant, detoxifier and immune-booster) of 500 mg with Vitamin C 100 mg, Rosehips 100 mg and Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg with a total of 800 mg. Lucida-DS Acetyl Glutathione has been formulated to promote better health as anti-aging and antioxidant.  Its secondary effect is SKIN WHITENING properties in increased DOSE.  Studies has found out that Glutathione in increased DOSE modifies conversion of dark pigmentation (eumelanin) into lighter pigmentations (pheomelanin). 

Change your look in days
What They Say About Us
“Amazing! works perfectly on me!” 

Product: Lucida-DS

Ashley M.

“Lightens my skin in less than 3 months” 


Kate R.

“Highest quality glutathione supplement and improves my whole well-being!” 


Sonia A.

Makeup Model
Natural Makeup

See how you transform your health and skin flawlessly!

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