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7 Popular Foods That Make You Age Faster & Look Older CTTO: Bestie

7 popular foods that make you age faster & look older. People tend to be scared of growing old. The fear of aging is one that sticks with us, and we often try to find all sorts of different ways to stop the slow march of time. Did you know that food might be a culprit in making us look older? Keep watching to find out which food, and what to replace that food with.

1: French Fries. French fries might be one of the most universally loved side dishes. Everywhere you go, you can always get a side of those salty sticks of goodness. But it's their salt that brings them down. Turns out, french fries, and most fried food has properties in them that make your skin age faster. What you should replace it with: Sweet Potatoes.

2: White Bread. Ahhh, white bread. It's a staple of all three meals- total for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and... erm... stuffing your turkey for dinner. Unfortunately, not only is white bread not good for you, but it might make you look older as well. What you should replace it with: Sprouted Bread.

3: White Sugar. Everybody loves sugar! Sugar on candy, sugar on pastries, sugar in drinks, sugar, sugar, sugar. But not only does sugar give you terrible, unwanted skin blemished like acne, but it contributes to our skin looking older as well. What you should replace it with: Honey Or Fruit.

4: Margarine. Can you really believe it's not butter? Whether you can or you can't, there's no denying that margarine has really snuck its way into the hearts of North Americans. A cheap alternative to butter, it's almost as good and it is really versatile. Unfortunately, it can make you look older than you actually are. None other than the world-renowned HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL discovered that "Margarine is worse than moderate amounts of real butter due to the fact that it's high in partially hydrogenated oils. These trans fatty acids make skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation, which can damage skin's collagen and elasticity." What you should replace it with: Olive Oil Or Avocados.

5: Processed Meats. There's nothing better than a barbeque. Our writing staff is Canadian, and they tell us that there's no better combo than these meats on the grill: Hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon, and sausage. But we digress, turns out, our Canadian writing staff is going to look a lot older than people who have watched this video. What you should replace it with: Turkey Or Chicken.

6: Dairy. Yeesh. Looks like you might have to cut out an entire food group in order to look healthy and young. The bad news is that although this might sound crazy and undoable, it is in fact backed by science. The good news is that it really varies from person to person. A study done by the UNIVERSITY OF NAPLES discovered that: "It all depends on the person. What you should replace it with: Seeds, Beans, Almonds, Leafy Greens, And Figs.

7: Soda And Coffee. We know how hard it might be to give up these two, for two different reasons. Water is boring and juice you have to put in a glass, but soda is convenient, sweet and so, so delicious. And as for coffee, well, as Lorelai Gilmore said: "I can't stop drinking the coffee, I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing, and the walking and the words-putting-into-sentences doing". However, it might be vital to quit if you want your skin to look younger. Turns out, these drinks don't affect your skin directly, but they affect something that does: your sleep. When you consume drinks high in caffeine like coffee and soda, your sleep is affected and that's bad for your skin. What you should replace it with: Swap it out.

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Jun 17, 2020

It's so nice to know the 7 Popular Foods That Make our age faster & look older. Might as well avoid them as much as possible. Thank you Bestie!

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